Celebrate the International Year Of Cooperatives with the “My Co-op Rocks” Contest

Feb 17, 2012

How does your co-op build a better world? Show us in the My Co-op Rocks Video + Photo Contest for a chance to share in $5,000 in prizes!

The United Nations has declared 2012 the International Year of Cooperatives and the My Co-op Rocks Video and Photo Contest, a nationwide competition in which co op fans fire up their cameras and unleash their creativity to share all the reasons their co ops rock, is celebrating with more co-ops and bigger prizes.

This year, National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA) is offering the contest in partnership with National Cooperative Business Association, National Association of Housing Cooperatives, and U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives, to showcase the social and economic benefits of co-ops around the country.

Whether shooting with a cell phone or high-definition camera, all skill levels are welcome. And just like a co-op, this contest depends on the entire community for success. Website visitors will vote for their favorite entries and pick prize winners. Simply submit a video or photo that celebrates the 2012 International Year of Cooperatives or communicates how your co-op builds a better world and post it for judging.

“Co-ops are deeply rooted in their communities,” said Robynn Shrader, chief executive officer for NCGA. “This contest gives people a way to share what makes their co-op special and we're excited to see the diversity, creativity and passion for co-ops shine through in contest entries.”

Individuals over the age of 18 can submit videos (two minutes in length or shorter) or photos from Mar. 1 through Apr. 30 at www.MyCoopRocks.coop. By voting between Mar. 1 and May 31, the public will determine three winners in the video category and three in the photography category. Winners will be announced on June 15. In each category, first place winners receive a $1,500 co-op gift card or donation to an eligible non-profit, second place winners receive a $750 co-op gift card or donation to an eligible non-profit, and third place winners receive a $250 co-op gift card or donation to an eligible non-profit.

While each entrant is eligible for one prize only, individuals may submit as many videos and photos as they like. For the official rules and inspiration, visitwww.MyCoopRocks.coop.