NCGA Sponsors The Perennial Plate “Real Food” Road Trip

May 10, 2011

National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA) is excited to announce it is sponsoring the 2011 season of the online documentary series, The Perennial Plate, dedicated to socially responsible and adventurous eating.

“The Perennial Plate perfectly captures the spirit of co-op grocers; it’s a natural partnership for us,” said Robynn Shrader chief executive officer of NCGA.“The Perennial Plate and co-ops alike share authentic and powerful stories about where our food comes from and find new ways to enjoy those foods. We’re proud to be working with Daniel and his team.”

After a hugely successful first year capturing Minnesota food stories, The Perennial Plate’s host, Daniel Klein, and camerawoman, Mirra Fine, begin their nationwide “Real Food“ Road Trip. The team’s mission is to appreciate and understand where good food comes from and how to enjoy it.

“We plan to visit several co-ops on our journey,” said Daniel Klein, founder of The Perennial Plate. “Co-ops are at the center of delicious, sustainable foods, and central to local food communities.”

The Perennial Plate’s team will visit 6-10 co-ops during the 2011 season to screen highlights from the program and participate in other activities. Current events include:

  • Ozark Natural Foods, Fayetteville, Ark. (May 13)
  • Durango Natural Foods, Durango, Colo. (June 10-12)
  • Ashland Food Co-op, Ashland, Ore. (July 3)
  • Mississippi Market, St. Paul, Minn. (Aug 4)
  • Rising Tide Community Market, Damariscotta, Maine (early Sept)
  • Good Foods Co-op, Lexington, Ky. (early Nov)

Episodes of The Perennial Plate’s Real Food Road Trip will air from mid-May to November 2011 on