NCGA Urges Manufacturers to Support Labeling of GMO Foods

Feb 28, 2013

On behalf of our 134 retail co-ops and their 1.3 million shoppers and owners, National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA) has long worked to fight the deregulation of GMOs at the regulatory and legal level. NCGA is a founding member of the National Organic Coalition and a partner in the Just Label It campaign, which calls for mandatory labeling of GMOs.

Now, NCGA is calling upon manufacturers to support consumers' right to information to make informed purchase decisions in a letter to industry members.

"As the number of state level GMO labeling campaigns increases, NCGA felt it was important to communicate our position on this issue with the industry and reinforce the importance of GMO labeling to our co-ops and their shoppers," said Robynn Shrader, NCGA's chief executive officer. "Although we continue to believe that boycotts of companies whose parent organizations contribute to anti-labeling campaigns are ineffective due to the small percentage these brands represent of multi-nationals, we are vigorously leveraging our trade relationships to communicate the values of our co-ops and their shoppers."