Harvest Co-op Markets (Arboretum)

Harvest Co-op Markets is a community-owned market with three stores in the greater Boston area. Harvest specializes in fresh and wholesome food choices. You will find fresh, local produce in season, fresh fish right off the pier, luscious local and imported cheeses, naturally raised meat, an award-winning spice section, bulk products, unique wines and beer, and more. We sell natural, gourmet and conventional products. Harvest supports sustainable agriculture, certified organic, fair trade, and local and small family farms in our buying practices. Shopping at Harvest is an investment in the community.

The Harvest Co-op Market, like many other co-ops of the late 60s and early 70s, was started by people who wanted to have more control over their food sources and access to "clean food" not available anywhere else. The co-op began as a buying club in 1971, and three years later moved to a storefront in the Allston section of Boston as the Boston Food Co-op. At about the same time, some co-op members, helped by a group of Cambridge community activists, opened the Cambridge Food Co-op.

In May 1998, responding to decreasing business due to changes in the surrounding neighborhood, the Allston location was reluctantly closed. There was a search for a new location, and finally in October 1998, a new location was found in Jamaica Plain. The store was, and continues to be, a great success, adding over 1,000 new members in the first two weeks of operation. When the store opened in Jamaica Plain it was decided to change our name to Harvest Co-op Markets to reflect our commitment to neighborhood stores.

Today, our mission remains the same-to serve our members, and to sell and promote organic, natural, fair trade, and sustainable food products, and to educate and advocate for our members and customers in the food business.

Harvest Cooperative Markets Mission Statement

Approved May 15, 2000 by Harvest Board of Directors

Harvest Cooperative Markets is committed to building a vibrant community and healthier world by selling natural and organic food and bringing the benefits of cooperatives to our members.

  • We offer a full line of products and services sought by our members, with an emphasis on natural and organic foods
  • We educate and advocate for our members as consumers
  • We support local, organic, cooperative, and fair labor suppliers
  • We strive to build a democratic and welcoming community that celebrates the diversity of our members