Wedge Co-op (Nicollet)

The Wedge Table is located at 2412 Nicollet Avenue in Minneapolis – also known as “Eat Street.” Wedge Table gives a subtle nod to the farm to table concept while reflecting the neighborhood-friendly gathering place, café and grocery that it will become.

The 1960s era building was in disrepair before being remodeled by the co-op for this location.  The co-op will be applying for LEED certification for this location. 

The store provides fresh, seasonal deli options, artisan bakehouse breads, pastries, grab-and-go salads and sandwiches, hot soups, a burrito bar, a coffee and juice bar and a seating section for dining in. The grocery is stocked with items similar to the Lyndale location but on a smaller scale, including responsibly sourced produce, dairy and meat.  In addition, the new location houses the co-op's catering department to meet exploding customer demand as well as a food commissary to serve both the Nicollet and Lyndale locations.

This is the second Wedge location in the Twin Cities and the first phase of a multi-year expansion project.