NCGA Welcomes New Members

Dec 29, 2008

National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA), a member-owned co-op with more than100 independent food co-op members nationwide, today announced the addition of two new members: Alberta Co-op Grocery in Portland, OR and Chequamegon Co-op in Ashland,WI.

“We’re pleased to welcome Alberta Co-op Grocery and Chequamegon Co-op to our membership,” said Robynn Shrader, chief executive officer for NCGA.“Natural food cooperatives are vital and thriving in their communities across the United States, and they are joining other co-ops to create a more powerful voice in the natural and organic food marketplace.”

Founded in1997 as a buying club, Alberta Cooperative Grocery is now a community-owned store located in the vibrant Alberta Arts District in Portland. Their mission is to serve as a community resource and gathering place, while providing fresh, high-quality, affordable food to the diverse members of North and Northeast Portland. The co-op emphasizes products from local, organic, and socially responsible sources, and works to build connections between customers and farmers.

Chequamegon Food Co-op (CFC) is a full service natural food grocery store located on the south shore of Lake Superior in Ashland. Since its founding in 1976, the co-op has supplied the greater Ashland area with natural and organic products, including produce that is nearly 100- percent organic. Other offerings include gluten free products, bulk foods, beer, an extensive cheese selection, gourmet and ethnic groceries, naturally raised meat, and many locally produced items. CFC is committed to a sustainable future, embraces fair-trade and wages and has recently purchased and plans to develop an 80 acre fruit farm in nearby Bayfield, WI, one of the Midwest’s premier fruit growing regions.