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Our "virtual chain" of grocery stores, with nearly 230 locations in communities nationwide, is cooperatively owned by the people who shop there. NCG food co-ops carry a full array of natural and organic grocery, health and wellness products from companies with outstanding values, standards and stories.

A Partnership Rooted in Shared Values

Food co-ops have long been champions of organic, local, fair trade and sustainability, and we’ve worked to create a thriving market for values-based products. Co-op shoppers share the values of the natural products industry; they trust co-ops because of our high standards and trust the brands found in co-ops because of the supply chains behind them.

NCG is a cooperative, 100% owned by and accountable to our member co-ops. Our category management and promotions programs are built to optimize sales performance and create efficiencies for your brand, while putting your consumer packaged goods products in the hands of the most committed health and wellness shoppers — co-op customers.

Working with NCG is truly a partnership. We understand that making natural products industry brands successful in co-ops is good for your company, for shoppers, co-ops and the world.

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