Three Rivers Market


Three Rivers Market was started in 1981. We are named after the confluence of the Holston and French Broad Rivers on the eastern edge of the City of Knoxville. These two rivers flow from the Southern Appalachian mountains and combine to form the third river, the Tennessee River, which travels south to Chattanooga and dips into Alabama before coming back into Tennessee delineating Western and Middle Tennessee.

Like the rivers for which we are named, Three Rivers Market nourishes our immediate community, our bioregion of the Southern Appalachians and our region. Rivers are fed by small creeks and other tributaries flowing into a larger body. Similarly, we are made stronger by our growing community of members and relationships with our local partners and other cooperatives.

We exist to benefit our members by creating and nourishing a healthier environment, healthier people and a healthier community. To us this means:

  • Our local and cooperative economy is ethical, sustainable and strong
  • Our community has access to healthy food
  • Our natural world is respected, protected and restored
  • Our people are happy