Maple City Market


Maple City Market's story begins in the early '70s when faculty and students from Goshen College, along with other community members, began a buying club. In 1976 the buying club moved to Jefferson Street into an old car garage. It continued to function mostly as a buying club, until five years later when the buying club opened a storefront. The location was still small, but allowed for gradual improvements and additions. Over the years our co-op has expanded and moved, and Maple City Market continues to be a viable, growing cooperative, responding to a strong, supportive membership.

Our mission is to provide high quality, healthful food and other products with a focus on economic and environmental sustainability. Our fresh baked breads and grab-and-go deli soups and sandwiches are a favorite. Customers love our fair trade coffee, tea, chocolate, and sugar. And our fresh, locally grown produce keeps people coming back for more!