PFC Natural Grocery & Deli


PFC Natural Grocery & Deli of Kalamazoo is a consumer-owned cooperative grocery store, bringing a full array of natural products and healthful foods to the community at reasonable prices.

Economic pressures and popular movements in the late sixties and early seventies led to the creation of a great many food co-ops across Michigan and the country. Confronted with few choices for unprocessed, whole foods, people decided to band together and buy in bulk directly from producers and distributors. What has evolved from this over the past thirty-plus years is a thriving natural foods industry with the co-ops at the core.

We were incorporated in 1973, and moved into our current space on Burdick Street in 1978. PFC Natural Grocery & Deli is owned by a growing number of individuals and families in our community. Though we encourage member-ownership, anyone may shop at PFC Natural Grocery & Deli.

You're sure to find high-quality, whole foods at PFC with a focus on locally grown and organic products. We have the area's finest year-round selection of organically grown fruits, vegetables and sprouts. For the lunch crowd we offer sandwiches and soups, single serving drinks and yogurt, dips, chips, cookies, brownies, fresh fruits and vegetables. We carry a wide selection of vitamin, herbal and nutritional supplements to enhance your healthy lifestyle. In addition, we carry a full line of grocery and snack items, and refrigerated and frozen foods.

We look forward to your visit.