Tidal Creek Cooperative Food Market


Tidal Creek Foods incorporated in 1982 as a member-owned cooperative natural food store. From the beginning, offering high quality natural foods at competitive prices has been central to Tidal Creek's philosophy. Because of this, shopping at the co-op means experiencing the comfort and assurance of knowing that on the shelves you will find the best, most healthful products available at the best possible prices.

Our commitment is to provide products which are the healthiest for our shoppers and our planet. The Tidal Creek Buying Team is dedicated to ensuring products we carry are 100 percent GMO-free and without hydrogenated oils, and to making organically-produced foods central to all departments. They also strive, whenever possible, to purchase from smaller farms, local growers, and companies whose ethics and standards are similar to our own. Tidal Creek provides the most complete shopping option for people in the Greater Wilmington community interested in pursuing a healthy lifestyle and conscious of where their dollars are being spent.

Beyond being just a great place to buy groceries, though, Tidal Creek serves the community in many ways: education-hosting events and publishing a regular newsletter; outreach-forming partnerships with other community organizations and supporting local charities; and community-building-providing a place for people to meet, connect, and share information and ideas.

Tidal Creek is unique. It's a place to buy the groceries you need to nurture your family, while being part of creating a healthier future for our community and our planet.