Durham Co-op Market


Durham Co-op Market is a community-owned grocer located in Durham, NC. Open since 2015, the store carries grocery and household essentials, pasture-raised meats cut in-house, specialty foods, craft beer and wine, and natural wellness products. Durham Co-op Market serves great food sourced from local vendors, trusted brands, and their very own kitchen using quality ingredients. Convinced that true success means thriving together with a community of staff, neighbors, customers, visitors, and friends, every decision at Durham Co-op Market, is made based on core values:

  • Create an open, inclusive, and diverse store that welcomes our community.
  • Make high-quality, nourishing food affordable and accessible.
  • Support the local economy and local food systems.
  • Model environmental sustainability in our practices and products.
  • Foster a healthy workplace based on dignity, opportunity, and fair compensation.