Sioux Falls Food Co+op


Sioux Falls Food Co+op is a locally owned, locally controlled small grocery store. Our mission is to provide high quality foods in the most environmentally friendly and cost-efficient way possible. We are committed to providing products grown and prepared in an environmentally responsible way. That means supporting local and organic producers as much as possible.

Buying locally is one of the easiest ways to help the environment and your community. It dramatically cuts down on the number of miles your food has traveled and helps support the local economy. Plus, locally produced food just tastes better! The Co+op currently carries products from over 30 local suppliers and is always looking to add more.

Whenever possible, the Co+op offers certified organic products. In the US, "certified organic" means that a manufacturer's products meet strictly defined organic standards set by the USDA National Organic Program (NOP). Organic farming eliminates many of the harmful chemicals that don't just pollute the food that we eat, but can leak into our water supply and contaminate the air that we breathe. Organic methods are just more environmentally friendly all around. There have also been no genetic modifications to any products that are listed as Certified Organic. Just look for the seal.