Wheatsville Co-op (South Lamar)


Wheatsville has been Austin's Community Grocery store since 1976! While offering a full range of organic and natural foods and a wide selection of locally produced products, we also carry traditional American staple foods. Plus, we're the inventor of the world famous Popcorn Tofu!

More than just a healthful, economic way to support the local economy, we're fun too. Wheatsville is a great place to relax on the patio, grab a quick lunch, catch up on local events, or just meet some of the nicest folks you'd ever hope to find.

Since our beginning Wheatsville is the only retail consumer food co-op in Texas and we have over 8,000 owners, but we still remember our roots. Wheatsville is dedicated to the principles of cooperation, and remains committed to our founding ideals of community control, social action, and environmental responsibility.

Winner of the 2010 Howard Bowers Cooperative Excellence Award.