East Aurora Co-op Market

With great anticipation and community support, the East Aurora Co-op Market is preparing for an early 2016 opening. Our mission is to cultivate a sustainable food cooperative that is built by and for Southtowns residents through the maximal efficient use of our local resources. Meeting the nutritional needs of members and customers is our highest priority and will be realized through access to natural, local, sustainable goods, a democratic governing process and a focus on continuing community education and outreach that promotes a healthy, forward-thinking way of life.

The store is located on a heavily traveled Main Street, in the heart of our business district. It is 8,000 square feet overall, with 4,475 square feet of retail space that will be comprised of the many departments associated with a full-service natural foods grocery store: produce,bulk, dairy, meat, refrigerated and frozen sections, HABA, coffee bar and grab 'n go.