GreenStar Food Co+op (West End)


GreenStar Food Co+op is a consumer-owned, democratically run cooperative. We are committed to providing wholesome food and quality goods to our members at the lowest practical cost.

We offer hundreds of organic and natural products, providing a wide variety of products to compliment a green menu and a green lifestyle. The atmosphere at GreenStar supports a growing and vibrant community in which members and non-members are welcome.

Mission Statement

GreenStar Food Co+op is a consumer-owned, democratically-run cooperative corporation, committed to providing wholesome food and quality goods to our members at the lowest practical cost, through operation of one or more retail stores and related activities. All profits are returned to the cooperative, rather than to individuals. Member labor is a significant and valued component of GreenStar's workforce.

The Co-op is committed to running a fiscally sound business, and to the following ethical guidelines:

  • Emphasizing the sale of nutritious food in as natural a state as possible
  • Exercising ecological responsibility and leadership in our choice of product line and in store operation
  • Emphasizing and promoting locally-produced goods, and items made or distributed by other cooperatives
  • Educating ourselves about the co-op, the goods we sell, and the principles to which we subscribe
  • Providing fair and supportive treatment of our own employees, and being sensitive to the working and living conditions of those whose labor produces the goods we sell
  • Creating an accessible, inclusive, non-discriminatory atmosphere that encourages maximum participation as well as respect and open communication among members

GreenStar, in alliance with other co-ops, attempts to build an alternative social and economic structure based on open membership, cooperation, democratic community control, not-for-profit operation and ethical responsibility. We will vigorously seek out and welcome people from all the diverse parts of our community to learn the benefits of co-ops and to become actively involved in them.