PCC Community Markets (Kirkland)


Simple, fresh flavors-that's our promise. At PCC Community Markets, you can feel good about the things you're putting in your cart-and on your table. Why? Our products are selected with care for their natural qualities and ingredients, and are free of artificial additives, sweeteners, colorings, and preservatives.

Our merchandisers carefully evaluate every product we sell, working closely with trusted suppliers who are committed to environmentally sound business practices and the organic industry.

We make it a priority to bring you the freshest produce-organically grown from local farmers whenever possible-plus naturally delicious meat and seafood that's sustainably raised and harvested.

Our delis are filled with fresh choices like salads and sides made daily in our kitchens, fresh-baked artisan breads and desserts, and a delicious assortment of cheese from around the world.

The beer and wine we stock is hand-selected by our wine merchandisers and rivals the quality and selection of specialty shops. We also work with a network of suppliers who are dedicated to finding unexpected delights from small vineyards and craft breweries.

And, whenever possible, we partner with our Northwest neighbors-including local growers, producers and ranchers- in order to ensure our products like meat, seafood, produce and dairy are as fresh as possible.

PCC is committed to supporting our state's farmers, ranchers, wineries and producers. By featuring fresh, locally grown produce, meat, dairy and more in our stores-we are working to raise awareness of the value of agriculture to Washington state's economy. In addition, we are major donors to the PCC Farmland Trust, a non-profit land trust dedicated to purchasing and preserving farmland and moving it into organic production.

Everyone is welcome at PCC! The only qualification is a love of fresh, naturally delicious foods. In addition, we're an organization you can feel good about.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality natural foods and products. We will create and cultivate the marketplace for locally grown and organic products and be a vital community resource on food, nutrition and environmental issues. PCC will also create and deliver the most satisfying natural foods shopping experience in the Northwest.

PCC demonstrates commitment to promoting healthy neighborhoods by donating time and money to support the nine communities in which our stores are located. PCC also operates the PCC Food Bank Program, which uses customer donations to purchase nutritious, bulk foods at discounted prices, package them with the help of PCC volunteers and distribute them to local food banks.

As the largest natural foods cooperative in the country, PCC Community Markets has a long and colorful history. We began as a food-buying club for fifteen families in 1953, so our passion for delicious food and our commitment to community go way back. We have nine locations serving the Seattle metropolitan area. We look forward to your visit.